Bongo's 2nd year in the Elephit ohana!



Elephit Apparel is a lifestyle clothing brand based out of Kauai, Hawaii.  Yo promote our love for elephants and all beings on earth  

To the betterment of the world, to bringing a new style of clothing to encourage and build up, to igniting the captain within

The marching elephant logo represents both the attributes of elephants that Elephit seeks to emulate—sacrificial dedication to the whole, tight-knit relationships, cooperation, and service—and the associations a forward march evokes: determination, assurance, and leadership. Elephit seeks to ignite its consumers’ inner captain and has selected and is continually inspired by a mascot that represents selfless leadership

               We give to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

           Elephit Mission 

   Elephit exists for the dual purpose of impacting modern fashion and modern poverty and is equally committed to becoming a leader in the fashion industry and pioneering a new approach to corporate social responsibility. By simultaneously developing industry leading apparel, delivering aid to both people and elephants, and establishing an interactive web-based community through which consumers may explore and engage in the company mission, Elephit will create an interface between consumers and aid recipient and achieve healthy profitability and sustained giving.