Aventon Aventure

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Rental by the hour across from the kapaa bike path in down town Kapaa. 

Right across the street from the kapaa bike path. Amazing ocean views and beautiful scenery all around. 

  • I will NOT permit riders or any other person to ride my bike.
  • I certify that I have a skill set that allows me to operate a bicycle or electric bike.
  • I understand that Kauai EBikes will only rent to person of 18 years and older and present a valid driver’s license or valid ID.
  • I understand while it is not a state law to wear a helmet while riding an e-bike in Kauai, we require it for your safety.
  • I understand that Hawaii state law mandates that all riders of electric bikes be 15 years or older.
  • A minor who is 15 years of age or older may only use a rental if the minor’s rental is purchased by, and the minor is under the responsibility of, the minor’s parent or legal guardian. By authorizing use of the rental by a minor, the parent or legal guardian (i) agrees that he or she is fully and completely responsible and liable for all injuries, damages, costs, and expenses arising from or related to the minor’s use of the Services, and (ii) represents, warrants, and agrees that he or she is the minor’s parent or legal guardian and that he or she and the minor have all accepted and agreed, as users of the rental, to all terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement.
  • I agree to only ride on paved surfaces designated for bike use. NO USE ON SAND or UNPAVED SURFACES

Rental Information:

  • Bikes are only allowed on the designated roads and paths outlined on the Maps page on our website

  • Full-Day Rentals end at closing regardless of start time

  • Rental Days are equal to calendar days regardless of start time. Example – Pick up Monday at 2pm and returning next day (Tuesday) at 5pm = 2 rental days


  • Max weight of bikes on hand is 275lbs

  • No Trespassing! All riders MUST stay off posted/Private property. Taking bikes out of the approved usage zone(as outlined on the maps on the website) is dangerous and results in a significant fine. Violators will incur an immediate $500 penalty!

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